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Apnea & snoring guard

We perform snoring and apnea guards if you need this. The mouthguards we mainly work with are called SomnoMed.

Snoring not only means social suffering but can also affect your health negatively. Symptoms of sleep apnea can be concentration difficulties, daytime fatigue, depression and poorer resistance to infection. Individuals with sleep apnea run a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and also heart attacks/strokes. If you snore and perhaps suspect you have sleep apnea – talk to us. We or your GP can refer you to a specialist to carry out a sleep investigation. We can then help you make a snore/apnea bite guard.

We accept referrals for snoring and apnea guards

We preview these mouthguards against Region Skåne, you as a patient pay only SEK 500 for your guard and possibly SEK 200/visit if you do not have a free card.

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Team Lindström Rempe

If you want to book an appointment online for Apnea or snoring bite splints, it can only be done via Team Lindström Rempe at E-Tand.