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Dental implants, bridges and dentures

If you have lost one or several teeth we can replace them with dental implants, tooth-supported bridges or removable dentures.

Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted into the jaw as a replacement of the tooth root. Once these have osseointegrated, individual implantsupported crowns- or bridges can be built. 

The implantsystems we mainly work with are Nobel Biocare (Brånemark) and Straumann. 


The procedure is similar as in veneers- and crowntherapy. Neighboring teeth of the gap are preparated 0-1.5mm. A digital impression is taken and then the bridge is designed and manufactured by dental technicians, usually using all-ceramic materials such as zirconiumdioxide and lithiumdisilicate. Once we have tested the bridge and are satisfied with the fit, color, and height, we cement it in place. You can keep the area underneath the bridge clean using interdental brushes, toothpicks and a special type of dental floss called superfloss. The end result is both aesthetically pleasing and the procedure is quick. It usually only takes 2-4 weeks to have it in place and during that time you have a temporary bridge. 

Dentures (partial/full)

In some cases, removable dentures may be the best treatment option for you. It may also be the first step in a larger treatment plan before, for example, dental implants or tooth-supported bridges. Dentures attach to teeth (if there are any), mucous membrane, palate and lips. 

Female, 25 years old. Trauma to front tooth that needs to be removed. Damage to neighboring teeth.

The red is gone. Titanium fixture with ceramic spacer.

All-ceramic crown in place. Neighbor teeth repaired with composite.

Woman 63 years old. Fractured root

Installed titanium screw

All-ceramic crown placed.