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Veneers & crowns

In case of major damage, wear and discoloration, the teeth may need to be built up with veneers or crowns.

Under local anesthesia, the teeth are preparated 0-1.5 mm. A digital impression is then taken and sent to one of our skilled dental technicians. You get a temporary veneer or crown on the tooth before you go home. The dental technician then designs and manufactures the veneers/crowns, usually in the materials lithiumdisilicate or zirconiumdioxide. At the next visit, we try on the finished veneers or crowns, check the shape, color and height, and if both you and we are satisfied, we cement them permanently. We recreate your tooth with the latest techniques and materials. The result is beautiful. 

Man, 47 years old, severely worn down bite due to stomach problems/stomach acid

A total of 20 all-ceramic crowns.

View from above. The enamel is completely gone on the chewing surface.

The crowns enclose, cover the entire tooth, the bite is raised.