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Our prices

We provide general dental care and do everything from simple examinations to advanced implant treatments.


Examination by the Dentist: SEK 1170

Examination by the Dental Hygienist: SEK 1045-1170

Emergency or supplementary examination: SEK 650

Comprehensive emergency or supplementary examination: SEK 1790

Hygienist treatment: SEK 1300-2200/visit 

Illness or pain treatment, less extensive: SEK 620

Filling a surface on a molar: SEK 1200

Filling of three surfaces on a molar: SEK 2100

Teeth whitening (upper and lower jaw): SEK 4200

Tooth extraction (simple) one tooth: SEK 1700

Root canal, 1 channel: SEK 4200

Bite rail, hard acrylic: SEK 4725

All-ceramic crown (made by a Swedish dental laboratory): SEK 7300-7900

Snark rail, duo block: SEK 8450 (if it comes on referral, it costs SEK 500)

Invisalign consultation: SEK 2500

More about prices

We provide general dental care and do everything from simple examinations to advanced implant treatments. How much a repair costs depends on the size of the repair, location in the mouth and degree of difficulty. The same applies to, for example, crowns, bridges, implants, tooth extractions and root canal treatments. During the examination, we will tell you what it looks like, listen to your needs and wishes and provide information on how much further treatment will cost.

Children have free dental care up to and including the year they turn 23. Everyone has the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment, but special rules apply in order for it to be free of charge. First, a general examination must be done and only then can we see if orthodontic treatment would be indicated.

The practice is connected to Försäkringskassan’s dental care support. This means that with us you can use your ATB/STB – General or Special dental care allowance of SEK 300-1200/year. How much you get depends on age and any diseases that may affect your dental health. For larger treatments, you get to take part in the high-cost protection, which can amount to significant amounts. You will see how much you can receive in compensation on your cost proposal. Pensioners do not have an extra discount, but are covered like everyone over 24 by Försäkringskassan’s high-cost cover.

We are proud of what we do and therefore provide guarantees on many of our treatments.

With us, you cannot take out dental insurance, but we offer partial payment via www.fortusfinance.com for certain works.