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Dental hygienist

Dental hygienist Sanda Jevdjenic and the dentists have a close relationship.

Sanda, just like the dentists, performs examinations of teeth and gums on both children and adults. She takes x-rays when necessary and informs and instructs you on how to take care of your oral health if you need this.

What does a dental hygienist do?

The dental hygienist treats bleeding gums, tooth loss, bad breath, discoloration and dry mouth. Some patients are at higher risk for the above (e.g. due to smoking/snuffing, age, heredity, medication and certain diseases/diagnoses) and may then need to visit the hygienist regularly for support and fluoride treatment. We will inform you if you should go regularly.

Soft and hard bacterial coatings are removed mechanically and you receive local anesthesia if you wish. Several visits to the hygienist may be required depending on the extent.

Tandhygienist hos LE Dental. Allt inom tandvård