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General dental care

We take care of your teeth. Today, materials and techniques are used that are gentle on the tooth. Simply put, we drill less.

We have a lot of experience with gentle techniques and we know what works.

Examination and X-ray

We perform examinations on both children and adults. If you want to list your child with us, please fill out the form on our contact page »

The examination forms the basis of our continued treatment. You will first fill out a health declaration and we will go through whether there are illnesses or medications that can affect your treatment. We then make a thorough examination of teeth, bite, and mucous membranes and listen to your needs and wishes. Teeth are X-rayed to detect small caries attacks, check bone levels, and more. X-rays are done digitally, which means lower radiation doses. Sometimes we complement with clinical photos with a regular camera.

Together, we then make an assessment of what needs to be done. Great emphasis is placed on preventive dental care. You as a patient become involved in your dental care. If necessary, you will meet our dental hygienist.


Repairs are made under local anesthesia (if desired) when a tooth is damaged or needs to be built up for preventive purposes. Damage can be caused by things like caries or fracture. We build up repairs for preventive purposes such as extensive acid damage. The repair is built up with natural-looking composite material that is cured using a curing lamp. We also build up cosmetic repairs and composite veneers.

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For larger damages, teeth are repaired with ceramic crowns and veneers, usually in materials such as zirconia or lithium disilicate.

Root canal treatments and tooth extractions

Sometimes the damage is so severe that it causes pain and the tooth needs to be root filled or removed. We solve this under local anesthesia. During root treatment, the pulp and nerve are removed and replaced with a rubber material, using the latest mechanical cleaning techniques. If the tooth needs to be removed, it is done in the gentlest possible way. More complex cases are referred to a specialist.

Book an appointment with our dental hygienist

Sanda Jevdjenic, our dental hygienist, works together with both of our medical teams.

Sometimes it’s enough to just visit your local dental hygienist. Like dentists, Sanda examines teeth and gums of both children and adults. She takes x-rays when necessary and informs and instructs you on how to care for your oral health if needed.

Tandhygienist hos LE Dental. Allt inom tandvård

Grinding and clenching of teeth, as well as an uneven bite, can lead to tooth wear, sore chewing muscles, and jaw joints. In such cases, a dental night guard can help. These guards can be hard or soft and are typically worn at night.

Snarkning innebär inte bara socialt lidande utan kan även påverka din hälsa negativt. Symptom på sömnapné kan vara svårigheter med koncentration, dagtrötthet, depression och sämre infektionsmotstånd.